Become a Partner of SolarMax

We look forward to support and collaborate with individuals, agencies or firms who are new entrants or already working in the industry with a vision of expanding network and accessing the customers more efficiently;

Let's work together and move to new horizons!


Partner and Distributor Support Policy

We believe in strength of collaboration!

SolarMax provides its distributors and partners with best possible support to make their business easier to operate and facilitate them so that they can serve the customers better.

We assist our distributors/partners in the following areas;

Marketing Support

Technical Support

Marketing Support

Consistent growth of a business is necessary to provide improved services to customers and reach potential ones effectively. SolarMax works with its partners and distributors and help them grow their business and expand;

Region based Sales Support
We provide complete sales advice to our regional partners and distributors and help them with effective policy matters.

Activities and Establishment Support
We encourage our distributors and partners to attend industry marketing events to expand their vision and establish their physical outlets to make their presence known.

Online Promotion and Digital Advertising Program
Advertising is indispensable in digital areas. We provide advice and support to our partners to increase their brand exposure and product awareness with our digital marketing program. It helps them in expanding their reach.

Support in Designing Traditional Marketing Material
We provide assistance to our distributors and partners in their traditional marketing programs and support them in designing and distribution of marketing material and printed products.

Technical Support

We work closely with our collaborators when it comes to guidance and support with technical side of the business. SolarMax understands the demand of keeping up with the pace of upgrading technology, so we provide them with the best possible support;


Support in Professional Training
Keeping up with the latest in technology is crucial in business. We provide our partners and distributors with technical training and guidance so that the can perform their business operations effectively.

Customized Project Support
We understand that every project has a unique order, so we provide customized support and facilitation for individual projects and programs that our partners are working on.

Efficient Customer Service
Our ultimate goal is to facilitate our partners in every possible way. We have a professional technical support team that offers pre-sales and after-sales service to our partners and distributors, so that they can carry on with their business professionally.