SolarMax products using the best possible materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure they last for many years.





For the peace of mind all SolarMax products are covered by a minimum warranty of 6th months & maximum upto 25 years.




Our Promise

24/7 technical support & the most premium product range.


Top Benefits Of Going Solar Energy 


There are several benefits of generating your own electricity using solar. Advances in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and battery-based energy management systems have paved the way to make solar a viable option for most homes or businesses.


      Solar is a secure investment        

Start saving from day 1

Create energy independence


       Excess energy sell to grid (Net Metering)

Guaranted performance

Increase your home & business value


Clean environment

Lock your production cost for upto 25 years

Cost effective






Light Up With Solar & 

Save Natural Resource                                                                                                     

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